Our Technology Advantage

ENS provides IT services for clients throughout Florida, focusing on municipal clients, construction and law firms, medical practices and religious organizations. EssentialNet Solutions provides more IT support to municipalities in Florida than any other company.

Check out our Managed IT Services Programs and choose the best plan for you. Utilizing our preventive rather than reactionary approach, our clients enjoy computer networks that have virtually no downtime, maximizing their productivity.

We can monitor and manage your servers and keep them operating securely 24X7, and reduce costs! If your computer is unresponsive, sluggish or unuseable, we'll remote into your computer and fix it.

Our Technology Advantage

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers management and support of IT network-based services, applications, and equipment to businesses, individuals and other service providers. As businesses become increasingly dependent on IT and require more complex systems to conduct their operations, the need for reliable MSPs that allow business owners to focus on their core functions has become critical. The scope of service provided by an MSP usually varies according to their customers? needs and may involve simple system upgrades up to full network management and support. The key element to this service offering is that it is preventive in nature.

What is a Remote Monitoring and Management Solution (RMM)?

Remote Monitoring and Management solutions are used by MSPs to better manage their customers? needs and provide efficient support. Agent-based RMM solutions are usually more stable and reliable since they require less network traffic. Remote agents can connect without VPNs, firewall issues or router configurations and can perform tasks even while offline. Once deployed to the target servers, the agents are used to perform a multitude of tasks automatically, allowing for preemptive network management without interruption to the end-user.

What are Preemptive Managed Services?

Preemptive managed services involve the proactive monitoring of computer and network health. The powerful RMM tools currently available to MSPs support very early detection of issues before they result in customer downtime or loss data. In the past, IT solution providers operated under the reactive model. In light of currently available technology, the reactive (or break-fix) model has become obsolete as it is highly inefficient. New agent-based, probe technology is used by MSPs to monitor the health and performance of customer networks and to provide preventive maintenance services without any kind of disruption or interruption to end-user activities.

Total Remote Monitoring and Management in One Powerful Solution

What Can Our Remote Monitoring and Management Solution do for Your business? It's not easy running an IT department. So we suggest putting out fires before they get started with our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution, developed from the ground up by IT technicians with real world experience who have confronted the challenges and demands of providing fast and efficient IT services. Our RMM provides the monitoring, alerting, and automation to help detect end-user issues earlyand resolve thembefore they impact your company's productivity. Enjoy increased visibility and control so you can become more proactive and preventativeeven preemptive! Our RMM can reliably perform most IT support and management tasks remotely, non-intrusively and effectively. Based on cutting-edge agent technology, our solution can empower your internal IT professionals and/or external IT service providers with the tools to provide:

Service Automation
Create, organize, and automate any IT process, including preventive maintenance and support tasks. Our RMM includes internal monitors and easy scripting for developing your own automated processes.

Inventory Analysis
Compile and classify IT asset information with innovative SNMP agent technology. Identify any SNMP enabled device in a network or subnet, and collect information on device type with customizable detection templates.

Asset Management
Identify, audit, and manage workstations, servers, printers, and routers; group assets by operating system, application or location for ease of management.

Software Deployment
Group and deploy tools and services without the need to schedule interruptions to end-users.

Patch Management
Identify, approve, and update or ignore software patches and hotfixes for a single work station or a group of machines.

Print Management
Initiate, stop, or resume print activity. Access information on ink level, paper level, and number of pages printed.

Mobile Access
Work from anywhere, at any time with mobile access to RMM. Resolve end-user issues from a device in the palm of your hand, such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It's like being in two places at once!

Network Monitoring
Discover, monitor, and control critical items in your infrastructure through powerful monitors and scripts.

Help Desk Ticketing
Organize and prioritize help desk requests. Provide secure, remote technical support quickly to any customer within a Windows LAN or web-based environment.

Reach Your Business Objectives with the Help of RMM.

If you can think of a task or process, our RMM solution can automate it! This innovative technology helps to increase business efficiency and improve technical performance. Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive maintenance work, assign an IT team to higher priority projects, and do more with less as you leverage the automation capabilities of RMM.

  • Increase Staff Productivity Our RMM will increase a technicians efficiency, improving your resource utilization and lowering costs! By automating routine maintenance tasks, an IT department can finish more projects and keep costs contained.
  • Provide Superior Service Powerful, state-of-the-art SNMP agent technology makes providing superior IT support simple and affordable.
  • Detect Potential Issues Early Personalized dashboards provide visibility for early detection and proactive resolution of problems before they become major issues.
  • Provide Stealth Support Perform non-intrusive maintenance and support activities without end-user interruptions and down time.
  • Buy as You Grow Our RMM solution is both affordable and easily scalable. Buy only the number of agents you need today. As your company adds employees and IT assets, you can deploy more agents quickly and easily.

About our Remote Monitoring and Management

With cutting-edge, agent technology, our RMM provides robust functionality that can increase your IT efficiency through automation of routine maintenance processes and development of preventive measures using powerful monitors and scripts. It was developed by IT professionals that understand your challenges and is sold using a simple, scalable, and affordable licensing and pricing model that allows your company to purchase agents as your business grows and adds new IT assets.

Managed Services PC

Utilizing our preventive rather than reactionary approach, our clients enjoy computer networks that have virtually no downtime, maximizing their productivity. Check out how we can manage your company's pcs and save you money. /p>

PC Management

Basic Professional Premium
24/7 Support
Telephone Support (First hour free for each trouble ticket) 8-6 pm EST M-F
Remote Control Support (First hour free for each trouble ticket)
Microsoft Application Support
After Hours Support
(6pm-8am M-F, Sat/Sun)
Smartphone Support
Asset Management
Trouble Ticket Management
License Management
Automated PC Tuneups
Spyware Removal
Anti-Virus Software Management
Software Patch Management
Anti-Virus License

Managed Services Server

Utilizing our preventive rather than reactionary approach, our clients enjoy computer networks that have virtually no downtime, maximizing their productivity. EssentialNet Solutions, with its team of experts and its technology advantage is able to deliver very high quality managed services for IT infrastructure management. We can provide flexible plans to choose from based on your requirement and the budget availability. We have been able to attend 93% of the problems remotely and have an average resolution time of about 22 minutes. Ask us for our ROI statement to see how hiring us can benefit you!

Server Management

Basic Professional Premium
24/7 Support
Telephone Support (First hour of each trouble ticket free)
Remote Control Support (First hour of each trouble ticket free)
Service Availability Monitoring
Emergency After Hours Support
(6pm-8am M-F, Sat/Sun)
Unlimited On-Site Support
Whitelisted Patch Management
Trouble Ticket Management
License Management
Event Log Monitoring
Log File Maintenance
Drive Space Monitoring
Printer Setting Management
User Account Administration
Software Patch Management
File Sharing Permission
Security Administration
Virus Definition & Prevention
Microsoft Exchange Maintenance & Administration
Backup Monitoring and Administration
Major Database / Critical Application